Make events exciting with AI training

Make your company meetings exciting with personalized, hands-on and fun AI training. Participants will get an overview of different of AI tools, which can be used to create both entertainment and practical content.

Let's try out how artificial intelligence can be used to put people in a video to dance, to sing or speak in different languages. But I will also show how confusing thoughts become a quickly understandable text and what are the possible threats and future scenarios of artificial intelligence.

AI koolitus sündmusele

Every training is different because it depends on the company's field and wishes, but also because artificial intelligence solutions are currently developing at a pace where the final thoughts can only be prepared a day or two before the event. Meetings lasting more than an hour can be combined with practical ones With YouTube training, in which we review a company's YouTube channel and analyze whether and what content can be created on it using AI.

The training is suitable for conducting business discussions as well as complementing Christmas parties and other less formal gatherings.

If interested, write: or call +372 511 3653

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