President Karise's AI - in its own culture for all nations

The President of the Republic, Alar Karis, makes twenty speeches a year, according to the page, for example, there were 64 of them in 2023. Some are definitely more important than others, such as New Year's greetings and anniversary speeches.

Yesterday, on the 106th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, held President Karis gave his next speech at the Estonia Theater, which received mostly positive reviews. In my opinion, the speech was meaningful and good, so I would like to point out two points where the content and form of the speech still do not match.

"For all peoples in their own culture"

"We must feel confident in our own culture and appreciate it, so that one of the guiding principles of the independence manifesto can also come true: to live in our own culture for all peoples."

Whichever way I read it, I can get the idea that manifesto for all peoples of Estonia and others important thoughts we could also offer people living in Estonia in their native language.

A quick review says that the call is out to ERR as text Estonian-, russian and in English page, the same in the Estonian and Russian portals of Delfi and Postimehe. Today (25.02.2024) only the Estonian language version is available on the page. But could you try more? In Ukrainian, Latvian, Finnish and other languages? How? Very easy - YouTube.

If you upload the president's speech to YouTube and add subtitles to it separately in only one language, then with a few clicks they could be translated into more than 70 languages, i.e. a programmer from the Philippines living in Estonia and Baruto's friend from Japan could see the title, description and subtitles of the speech in their own language via YouTube. 

As a result of a longer search, I found that the latest YouTube download is the anniversary speech of the President of the Republic of Estonia Konstantin Pätsi's from February 24, 1939. The last one, the Office of the President The New Year's greeting uploaded to the YouTube account is from 2015/2016, when Toomas-Hendrik Ilves was the president.

President AI?

In his speech, the president also touched on artificial intelligence and tiger leaping. With today's AI solutions, the president can be made to speak in other languages. I did a quick and easy test with a free solution. Currently in English, but the same could be done in many other languages.

For example, the title, description, and subtitles of this video have been translated into Filipino, Hindi, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, French, Swedish, German, Finnish, Danish, Ukrainian, and Russian. 

There are better solutions as voice and body language can be cloned better. In addition, YouTube is working on solutions where uploaded videos can be dubbed into other languages. The first ones have already been able to test them.

Could our president use such solutions? I do not know. But when the president talks about education and artificial intelligence: “My recommendation is to get to know him as soon as possible. To learn - for both students and teachers - to facilitate their lives with the help of this knowledge and to create useful solutions together. You don't even need to be a computer specialist for this. For the time being, an inquisitive spirit is enough,” then it may be wise to set an example for others.

Why shouldn't the headlines cross the international news threshold and raise the tiger's image: "Estonia's President Alar Karis gave an AI-assisted anniversary speech in all EU languages"? We show that our work is also mainly done with the head.

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