AI started singing, or how to make music using artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is powerfully changing many fields, including the music industry. Nowadays, it is possible for anyone to create music in just a few minutes and for free, for example turning an Estonian Eurosong into church music or transforming an older poem or folk song into a modern, Estonian-language rap.

The creation of lyrics with the help of artificial intelligence also expands the possibilities, which also minimizes all kinds of copyright problems. AI-generated music helps avoid YouTube restrictions and blocks, both for live streams and other videos.

AI Musical Instruments - Suno, Udio and Elevenlabs Music

It is now Suno and Udio some of the best AI music solutions that everyone can try for free. These platforms offer users an easy way to create music tracks with a variety of styles and treatments to choose from.

Elevenlabs announced the upcoming Elevenlabs Music, which will probably make it even more difficult to tell if it is a human-made creation. 

In addition to the creation of music tracks, artificial intelligence may also influence other aspects of the music world in the future, such as radio broadcasts. Already today, it would be technically possible to create an AI radio station where all content, from news and podcasts to music, is created by artificial intelligence. Fortunately or unfortunately not yet in Estonian. 

The impact of artificial intelligence on the music industry

The triumph of artificial intelligence in the world of music is not yet fully tangible, but its potential is obvious. Will we ever see AI-generated music at Eurovision or top the charts? Probably not yet this year, but definitely in the future. And who is then credited as the author of the story?

In the meantime, however, all people like me, who are very far from music creation, have the opportunity to try how their own versions of some well-known or hitherto unknown songs sound with the help of AI.

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