JCI Spring Conference "Into the future with AI"

Saturday, April 6 took place in Mektory JCI Spring Conference on "Into the future without AI". The conference was organized by JCI e-Chamber members, friends and cooperation partners.

The conference explained simply and clearly the nature of AI, the principles of operation and the challenges related to chips, energy and the fact that fiber pipes are starting to become narrow. There was also talk about the artificial intelligence's ability not to give all the answers accurately, for example to the question "The professor married a student because she was pregnant." Which one was pregnant?” ChatGPT answers…

Professor abiellus üliõpilasega

Although the opposite is also possible, the artificial chain excludes the second possibility, apparently based on the data that there are probably more male professors and possibly also on the fact that the average female professor is at an age when they no longer have children. But at the same time, the answer can be more prosaic, i.e. related to sentence construction.

In my presentation, I tackled three topics - time, development and adaptation, and using examples I talked about why it is reasonable and necessary to use artificial intelligence solutions and where we have reached today, especially with AI video solutions.

If you do not have time to my presentation Watch the 16-minute summary, then do it with acceleration or read what Tehisaru thought was the summary of the presentation: 

"Reigo Kimmel opened the JCI Spring Conference 2024 with three main topics. He was the first to bring out a historical story from the university, emphasizing the value of time and the role of AI solutions in increasing time efficiency. He introduced several AI solutions such as AudioPen and InVideo and highlighted the impact of AI on development. In addition, he pointed out the future possibilities of AI, including the ability to create videos and clones, and the impact on the audiovisual world, citing the example of Sora's AI, which even influenced major investment decisions.” 

Mentioned in the presentation AudioPen, InVideo and HeyGen you can find the solutions in the links.

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