AI started singing, or how to make music using artificial intelligence?

With Tehisaru, you can create original music easily and for free, with which you can avoid copyright problems and...

Translate your website into another language in just five minutes

How to add a translation in another language to your website in just five minutes and for free?

What is the best sports competition video?

Video is indispensable in the marketing of sports competitions. What video works best and what styles are used?

Creating a YouTube account just got harder

Participating in the Võhandu Marathon also taught me some good lessons about YouTube marketing, especially creating new accounts...

Commentary on the Vilnius promotional video

The Vilnius tourism video briefly became Delfi's front page news. Some technical comments that are a bit broader in nature than...

JCI Spring Conference "Into the future with AI"

I spoke on the main stage of the JCI Spring Conference 2024 "The future without AI" in the key time of AI, the development of artificial intelligence video and the whole...

About Estonia's most popular brand and AI video at the Password conference

See a summary of the thoughts of one of the presenters of the annual marketing event "Password 2024" about Estonia's most popular brand and AI video topics.

AI videos at Estonian Public Broadcasting

I went to Terevisioni with Juhan Kilumets to talk about the Open AI Sora video model, i.e. the subject of artificial videos.

AI language models on one page

How to make ChatGPT, Bing, Perplexity, Gemini and other language models answer questions at the same time in one place?

AI video took 800 million from the film industry

The US media magnate saw AI video solutions and abandoned the planned investment of 800 million in the expansion of his studio.

President Karise's AI - in its own culture for all nations

Could the Estonian president's anniversary speeches also be on YouTube? Did the president who talked about AI in his speech...

AI video made the biggest development leap in history

Artificial intelligence video took the biggest evolutionary leap in history last week when OpenAI revealed what it can do…

Make events exciting with AI training

Make your company meetings exciting with personalized, hands-on and fun AI training. Participants will get an overview of various AI tools that can be used to create both entertainment and business content.

Let's try out how artificial intelligence can be used to make people dance, sing or speak in different languages in a video. But I will also show how confusing thoughts become a quickly understandable text and what are the possible threats and future scenarios of artificial intelligence.

AI koolitus sündmusele

Each training is different because it depends on the company's field and wishes, but also because artificial intelligence solutions are currently developing at a pace where the final thoughts can only be prepared a day or two before the event. Meetings lasting more than an hour can be combined with practical YouTube training, during which we review the company's YouTube channel and analyze whether and what content can be created on it using AI.

The training is suitable for conducting business discussions as well as complementing Christmas parties and other less formal gatherings.

If interested, write: or call +372 511 3653

YouTube is the gorilla of the video world

YouTube is the most popular brand in Estonia, the most important video environment in the world, the second most important search engine and a social media platform that is visited by more people than Facebook. Only 25% Estonian companies use YouTube as one of their social media marketing channels. helps and teaches you to stand out better on YouTube, even if you produce video content yourself or have a video partner.

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