Translate your website into another language in just five minutes

English do you speak it

In April, I started marketing activities in the company Courtland OÜ, which offers specially designed sports and leisure clothing and sports equipment website through. After the development of the website in Estonian, it became necessary to add an English translation to it.

I spent a day managing the topic and now I'm just teaching you to do the same on my website In 5 minutes and for free.

Why is adding a translation useful?

Although your company can only operate in Estonia, it is likely that some potential customers prefer to read your website, offers and thoughts in another language, for example English. There are many companies and organizations in Estonia, from small marketers to large corporations, who can increase the number of customers and spread their message more widely with the help of website translation.

How to add a translation in five minutes and for free?

One quick solution is to advise customers to right-click on a web page and select “Translate to…“, which provides instant Google automatic translation. But a more professional approach would be to create a language option, for example by adding “/en” to the address bar, which allows customers to switch directly to the English version.

All of the following recommendations assume that your website is built on WordPress.

  1. Log in to your page and download a WordPress Translate Plugin. According to critics, it is the best Weglot, but I used TranslatePress, because its free version (if you choose only one translation language) seemed better and the plugin itself easier.
  2. After installation and activation, in the case of the Estonian-language web, you should see that Default Language is "Estonian". Add English and you will have a "Translate Site" button on the top line of the WP admin. By clicking on it, you can manually translate all your web pages ... and probably spend weeks doing it. 
  3. In order to translate the entire web within five minutes, automatic translation must be enabled in the Translate Press plugin. Then comes the most difficult part, i.e. you need to add "Google Translate API Key" to it. To do this, you need to create a Google Cloud account and it is actually a paid service, BUT when you activate the service for the first time, you will get 300 USD or 277 euros of free credit in it for the next 90 days. 

What is the quality of the translation?

Although a quick translation of a web page in a few minutes may not always guarantee the best quality, the result is still not bad. The advantage of TranslatePress is the ability to specify and correct any word or sentence after automatic translation. This makes the translation much easier compared to manually translating all the words and thoughts from the beginning.

In addition, if the visitor notices that you have tried to communicate in his native language, the probability that he will become a customer increases.

Adding multiple languages and SEO capabilities?

To add several languages and different SEO solutions, you need to purchase the paid version of the plugin, the annual fee of which is 89 euros.

For example, on the VideoTurundus page I use a free solution, but has been translated from English to Finnish, Ukrainian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian. Less than 25 euros of the 277 euros of Google Cloud free credit used for this purpose have been used.

Courtland languages

If you get into trouble with the translation of your website, you can now also in this regard in the future ask for help.

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Translate your website into another language in just five minutes

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