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The website “That's what AI is for” (ThereIsAnAIForThat.com), which aggregates various AI tools, announced today that they have aggregated over 10,000 AI applications a year since launch. Details are on the page as of December 4, 2023 10,194 AIs, which is for 2540 tasks and 4847 jobs.

To understand the world of artificial intelligence, you need to understand the difference between AI models and applications. Models are systems that can identify patterns and make decisions from data obtained by algorithms. Models are the basis of AI technology and are limited in quantity. For example, there are about a dozen of the most well-known language and image models. 

Applications are solutions that use these models for practical purposes (language translation, assistance, facial recognition, image creation, etc.). People use AI models through applications. 

For example, Chat GPT 3.5 and 4 are two different models that we can use chat.openai.com or through a mobile application. Midjourney is an image mod that can be used on Discord, etc.

10,000 or over a million?

If ThereIsAnAIForThat.com gathers applications built on different web pages, then technically, the option to create your own GPT created by OpenAI in the Chat GPT-4 version at the beginning of November can also be considered an application. The latter is so simple that even I could do it

At the moment, no one can say how many of them have been created in a month. It is possible that the knowledge that alone gives some orientation there are approx. 15,000 members in the Facebook group of Estonian-speaking GPTs. One hundred thousand GPT in one month? A million? More?

AI Trend: Convergence

In the world of AI, one can notice a trend familiar in normal business, where larger players take over the working ideas of smaller players. Until some time ago, Chat could not read GPT .pdf files. Now you can. Not yet in the form of paid ones ChatPDF.com or PDF.AI, but probably soon. It is difficult to say what will happen to the latter. The same is true for several images and other applications.

Half a year ago, no one could predict what AI solutions can do today. Similarly, it is impossible today to predict what AI will be capable of six months from now. It can be exciting as well as scary.

Three approaches to artificial intelligence

AI solutions as tools. It is safest to think of AI applications as tools. For example, from a chainsaw. Many jobs can be done faster with a chainsaw than with a regular saw, but you have to know how to handle it. The chainsaw itself does not think or act. The only danger is if someone who knows how to use the harvest does not do it according to the purpose.

AI as a train. The entire world of AI can be thought of as a train that helps all of humanity move from one place to another much faster. Unfortunately, we don't know where this second place is, and the speed of the train is already such that we can't see if there will be rails on this track after a few kilometers or a year. 

AI as a child. The most dangerous thing is to think of artificial intelligence as a child. That is, we think that it can think. In one year, the child has learned to read and write in all the languages of the world, recently he also started to see, hear and speak. If you give Chat GPT a picture taken from your phone, it can explain what's on it better than a human. What would a "child" think of people if he could "look" through all the mobile and computer cameras in the world at one point? Can we raise a child well before he "grows up"?

AI is a human discovery similar to printing, photography or television, but in a significantly shorter time frame.

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