About Estonia's most popular brand and AI video at the Password conference

20.-21. In March, the Estonian marketing event of the year took place in Kultuurikatla, i.e. "Password 2024“, which this year focused on the brand. I got 30 minutes there to talk about the most popular brand in Estonia in the last four years and a little about AI video topics. See a short summary of my presentation and read more thoughts below.

Password is a marketing conference with more than 20 years of history, which has its own theme every year. This year's theme was branding, which was also discussed, for example in 2002.

Based on personal experience, I estimate that the conference has three goals, in which each participant has a different order of importance.  

  1. Networking. A large part of the marketing teams of Estonian organizations and companies will be present at the event. This means that the conference is a place where you can make contacts with others or make new friends, either by simply participating or in the form of an on-site stand, banner, etc.
  2. Training. During the two-day conference, you can listen to several presentations for every taste. The organizers have worked hard to get some foreign waiters to attend, and even him to the raider find suitable accommodation. 
  3. Acknowledgment. At the Password conference, last year's marketing awards are distributed and the best are recognized. In Estonia, many would probably be surprised if Pakendikeskus featuring Tabasco wouldn't have closed the thing.

The main points of my presentation were.  

    •  Time pays. I calculated that every minute of participation in the conference costs an average of 2 euros +km. You have as much time as me, a Chinese working in a rice field, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg. 
    • Every day, we see 10,000 brands in our 1,000 waking minutes. Do you want to be a brand that is seen, or a brand that is looked at, or the one that is also remembered. In order to do this, the interested person needs to stay with your brand for longer than just a second. Taking advantage of Estonia's most popular brand is one way to do this. 
    • AI (video) is about to change the world. We still don't know exactly how and when, but it will start.  

I will give my next presentation on Saturday, On April 6 at 14:00 at the JCI Spring Conference "Into the future without AI"


At the spring conference my topic is: "AI: Time, Evolution and Adaptation". Come and listen, because I will tell an instructive story about each thought, which I have not mentioned publicly anywhere before.

My next Äripää Akadeema is full-length, i.e. 8 hours long YouTube and AI video social media training will take place on June 12. If you want a more personal approach, see "personal trainer offers” and contact: reigo@videoturundus.ee  

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