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YouTube in Social Media Marketing 2023

751 TP3T companies do not use Estonia's most popular brand

YouTube has been the most popular brand in Estonia for the last three years. Unfortunately, among the 75% companies, YouTube does not...

What's the difference between businesses and YouTubers on YouTube?

YouTubers and businesses that use YouTube as one of their marketing channels have different plans and goals.

The two most important parts of the YouTube algorithm in 2023

The two most important parts of the YouTube algorithm are CTR and AWD, i.e. how many...

How to create a YouTube channel for a business?

A company or organization's YouTube channel must technically be managed in the same way as a Facebook fan page.

How to make a new YouTube channel public?

To launch a new YouTube channel, first come up with at least ten ideas and produce at least five videos....

What should be the beginning of a YouTube video?

The beginning is the most important part of any video. The only purpose of the first few seconds is to get a person to video…

What should be the end of a YouTube video?

At the end of the video, tell the viewer what he should do next. There are many possibilities, but don't use...

How to keep the viewer's attention until the end of the video?

Keeping the viewer's attention after clicking on the video is the most important and at the same time the most difficult part of the video...

How to use video in the sale of travel packages?

Nobody wants a disappointed customer - check out three simple ways to use video in the sale of travel packages...

Review the description of the YouTube video

The description of the video allows both the viewer and YouTube to understand it, but the purpose of the description of the video overlaps...

Fishing for YouTube viewers. With fishing line or net?

Fishing for YouTube viewers. With fishing line or net?

How to link a YouTube channel to a website?

Add ?sub_confirmation=1 to the end of the YouTube channel address and use this link on your homepage, e-mail signature and...

Value your time - watch YouTube with acceleration

There is a lot of practical and educational content on YouTube, which I recommend watching with 1.5-2x acceleration to save time.

A real estate video makes a broker's job easier

Making real estate videos is no stranger to brokers and real estate agencies, but the technical use of YouTube leaves a little…

How does the YouTube algorithm work?

How does the YouTube algorithm, or at least a million lines of code that are changed almost every day, work?

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can get a video in 5 minutes

Use artificial intelligence to create a few YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram posts for your business every week in 5 minutes...

How to make a picture speak with AI?

If you want to make anyone, anywhere, say anything, start with HeyGen's AI...

How to make a Midjourney Infinity Zoom video?

The latest version of Midjourney allows you to make very cool and imaginative zoom in or zoom out videos.

Speak in 12 different languages with AI

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can speak in at least 12 different languages in the video. Think what new doors and markets...

100+ AI tools in 2023

I invested over 100 hours to give you an overview of 100+ AI solutions. In the video you can see why I...

Artificial intelligence began to see, hear and speak

The AI "chainsaw" allows many jobs to be done faster and more efficiently, but also requires the ability to run it...

How to translate subtitles, title and description?

The title, description and subtitles of a YouTube video can be quickly and easily translated into several languages.

1 hour and 11 minutes of YouTube recommendations

Technically the simplest video that took countless hours over nine months to make.

Overview of AI image creators

Is the best AI image maker the one that makes the image as accurately as possible, or the one that makes the most creative image? Or...

How to create an AI clone of yourself?

How difficult is it to create an AI clone of yourself that answers questions in the same style as you...

Social media players, or marketing in basketball parlance

Which platforms are the social media players, and who is the oat that doesn't make the pitch?

How to use AI to create images and video?

Everyone could use artificial intelligence to create an image within this year. Necessary knowledge and skills,...

This is not YouTube Shorts

What are YouTube Shorts, how to make them easily and what you should know about using them?

My first AI

Made my first AI today. I named it AINO. If you want an Estonian YouTube video thumbnail, title...

AI summary from the AI conference in Tartu

A summary prepared by Artificial Intelligence from the artificial intelligence conference held in Tartu on Monday.

Christmas videos and holiday greetings on YouTube 2023

Christmas videos and holiday greetings from companies and organizations will soon take over YouTube. The first ones are already here.

New feature on YouTube channel homepage

Starting today, YouTube channel homepages have a new automagic section that you should check out right away.

New feature on YouTube channel homepage

Starting today, YouTube channel homepages have a new automagic section that you should check out right away.

Melchior the Apothecary 4: The Return of Young Melchior (AI Trailer)

Trailer for the fourth episode of Melchior the Apothecary, created by artificial intelligence. Read the recipe, how you can make it yourself in a short time...

10,000 AI tools

The website ThereIsAnAIForThat.com announced today, one year after its launch, that it has collected more than 10,000...

MrBeast shut up

The world's most famous YouTuber shut his mouth on his video thumbnails. What happened to the video viewing time?

What is YouTube?

YouTube has been the most popular brand in Estonia for the last four years, but can someone explain what...

2024: The first AI feature film?

In 2024, will we be able to see and create feature films ourselves with the help of artificial intelligence?

AI Christmas Video 2023

A Christmas video created with the help of artificial intelligence, in which well-known lines from the Estonian film classic Kullafond are used.

2023 was the year of AI

According to the CEO of Microsoft, 2023 was the "Year of AI". Probably the year of AI development and learning, i.e. 2024….

I made an AI clone of myself

I made myself a digital other with the help of artificial intelligence. Do you recognize what moment I'm talking and what...

15 YouTube SEO Techniques in 10 Minutes

I put together the TOP15 elements of YouTube SEO in the form of video and text in order of importance. TOP3 is difficult...

CES 2024: Everything is AI

The world's largest technology fair, which took place this week in Las Vegas, showcased the artificial intelligence solutions of today and the future.

AI influencer is the new reality

Artificial intelligence trendsetters are the new reality of marketing. Will the chatbot also become an influencer in 2024?

AI video made the biggest development leap in history

Artificial intelligence video took the biggest evolutionary leap in history last week when OpenAI revealed what it can do…

President Karise's AI - in its own culture for all nations

Could the Estonian president's anniversary speeches also be on YouTube? Did the president who talked about AI in his speech...

AI language models on one page

How to make ChatGPT, Bing, Perplexity, Gemini and other language models answer questions at the same time in one place?

AI videos at Estonian Public Broadcasting

I went to Terevisioni with Juhan Kilumets to talk about the Open AI Sora video model, i.e. the subject of artificial videos.

Recommendations from a personal trainer

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