How to make a Midjourney Infinity Zoom video?

Midjourney Infinity Zoom is a video style that became possible only in June 2023, when Midjourney version 5.2 was launched, i.e. with which it was possible to place the created image in a completely different environment with up to 2x zoom out function. 

While until now Midjourney was mainly for creating images, zoom out created the possibility of a moving image, i.e. zoom in or zoom out style video. 

To create a Midjourney Zoom video, you need

  • Account On Discord. Free of charge. 
  • Midjourney. Paid, $12 per month.
  • Some video programs.
  • If desired, some AI photo solutions that make Midjourney pictures bigger. 

Using Midjourney

The basic Midjourney prompt or the command written in the Message box is /imagine – this, along with the description, causes the AI to generate image versions. 

Add a description of the prompt in English, briefly, for example "Tallinn Old Town, futuristic, panorama" or longer. You have to take into account that the images are automatically square. If you want widescreen, write the end - Acts 16:9 if vertical, then – Ar 9:16

You can also upload your own picture and change it, but you have to take into account that Midjourney makes a completely different version of the uploaded face or person picture (in the example shown in the video, my picture turned into a bald woman instead). 

After selecting the first image and Upgrade, you can select Custom Zoom and describe the surroundings of the image. From now on, don't press the V or version button anymore (in this case, the previous zoom effect disappears). 

When the row of pictures is ready, download them one by one and immediately put sequential numbers on the pictures - 1, 2, 3, etc., otherwise they will get messed up in the folder (tried later). 

The story of the picture line?

Midjourney's image line may be completely unrelated because it's exciting to make and look at, but in this case it's purely for entertainment purposes. If you create a story from a series of images (the example of Little Red Riding Hood in the video), you can make short films this way and also use it to make videos created for marketing purposes.  

Music video

One place where such a solution would fit is in a music video. It is very easy and affordable to turn pictures into a video based on song lyrics and theme. 

Making a video from pictures

Making a video from pictures is not difficult with Adobe Premiere PRO or any other program. However, it must be taken into account that the smooth movement of the 101% is not very easy, and sometimes (perhaps when a larger hole is missed during the creation of images) the following images may be slightly out of place (you can also see them in the opening clip of the video). 

If you have trouble making a video from pictures, you can use WeTransfer for example and send them to: Let's see what can be done.

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