What should be the end of a YouTube video?

The statistics of all YT video views show that fewer people end up watching it than started it. But those who make it to the end are your superfans. At the end of the video, tell them what to do next: 

    • Click on the link below the video
    • Subscribe channel
    • Watch the following video
    • Share, like, leave a comment.

Do not use multiple options!

The more options you give at the end of the video, the less likely the viewer is to do any of them. 

The worst ending of the video is the same as in the cinema, that is, you show the credits. Even in the cinema, only the most boring people in the world watch all the credits. 

How to keep the viewer's attention until the end of the video?

Keeping the viewer's attention after clicking on the video is the most important and at the same time the most difficult part of the video making process.

Tell a story, add overlays, change the image, etc.

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