Creating a YouTube account just got harder

I participated in the 100-kilometer Võhandu marathon, which interestingly gave me knowledge about YouTube's new rules.

The background is to know that I started to help in terms of marketing, which deals in sportswear printing and sports equipment perhaps Courtland OÜ in online activities, where one of the first thoughts was to name this year's Võhandu marathon team and traditionally make a video summary of the participation as soon as possible. 

The start of the marathon, which started at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, ended, as usual, in the early hours of Sunday. After a long sleep and a return trip to Tallinn, the ninth video summary was quickly completed on Sunday (the first was from 2009). 

What went wrong? 

As an experienced hiker and marketer, I already knew that if you want to get attention for a video summary of a (sports) event, the faster it is prepared, the greater the attention. Therefore, small concessions can sometimes be made in the assembly. Especially when, after a marathon, your fingers are better at holding an oar than using a keyboard.

Then I started making a new YouTube channel for #HLet's do it the rules are more or less the same as a year ago when I made the following recommendations.

And then I discovered that YouTube has again made it more difficult to set new channels YouTube really doesn't want you to be able to kick your video viewer off the platform.

Technically - if you create a channel, you can upload the video, but you have several restrictions. If you want to upload video clips longer than 15 minutes or add to the video thumbnail (it should be mandatory), then you need to confirm your channel with your phone. But if you want other things including add an external link to your video description, then you have to complete "YouTube Studio - Channel settings - Channel - Functionality requirements" as well as "Advanced functions", in which you have to either make a confirmation video or upload a valid identity card, where the date of birth must match the date of birth entered when creating the channel, and it takes at least 24 hours. 

The #1 rule for marketing use of YouTube is similar to other platforms - the viewer must be removed from YouTube. The external link in the first lines of the video description is the best option for this. And it's relatively logical that YouTube wants to make it harder. 

Technically, there is nothing that complicated, but when creating a separate Google account for the company and then a YouTube channel, and then wanting to perform all the "Advanced functions", probably the easiest and fastest solution is to take a picture of a valid identity card. But you have to do it by phone. The baker would take it - after all, it contains your personal Google account, i.e. you have to first log in to the created company account on your phone and then take a confirmation picture under it (make sure that the date of birth matches the date of birth of the company's Google account) and only then you can still wait a day or two for confirmation.

In short, if you want to start with YouTube marketing topics, or if you don't have a channel yet, take the time and do all the necessary procedures first, because if you can't add an external link to your video description, there's no point in using YouTube for marketing purposes. 

What is good?

You probably already have a YouTube channel and all the approvals are done. If you have been able to add links up to now, you will be able to in the future. The point of this story is that for those who haven't yet, it's more complicated now. In addition, me too, because from now on I will no longer be able to create a channel for any company or organization myself - the company has to do it itself. 

On the other hand - if the purpose of the video is to get viewers to the website, then the most reasonable solution is to share the link of your website, where the video is embedded, not on YouTube, but on social media. In terms of marketing, this is the main goal. received almost 2000 unique clicks in less than two days, i.e. enough attention.

Personally, it's also good that Courtland OÜ office corner I built a video podcast studio where I hope to continue with practical or less practical AI and YouTube marketing video thoughts in the near future. Come and visit and maybe you will get or order some sports or leisure clothes for yourself. For example, one with which I didn't get cold during the Võhandu marathon. 

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