The journey of the Sochi Olympic torch on YouTube

It must be admitted that the Russians know how to make things big, even if a third of the melt disappears somewhere. The journey of the Sochi Olympic torch was the longest of the previous Winter Olympics, covering 65,000 kilometers in 123 days and also reaching the North Pole, the bottom of Lake Baikal and space. However, technically the fire did not reach space - only the torch did.

Come's journey with all media coverage, route and participants is out in Sochi on the website of the Olympic Games:

Sotši tõrviku teekond

Fire's journey on YouTube

The YouTube channel of the Sochi Olympic Games has uploaded a video summary of each day of the journey, accompanied by the official song of the Olympic torch journey: Elka - У неба. The story will be also download from the itinerary page.


The story is good, even the kind that would shut up Eurovision without further ado. I recommend listening at least 2 times. After that, you'll want to download it, especially if it is available for free and legally.

The best excerpts of the flame's journey were also seen at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, below is an excerpt from 100+ videos of the Olympic flame's journey:

Lake Baikal:


Journey into space: 


A torch on top of a volcano:


The journey of the song festival fire

Estonian Song and Dance Party we have the same percentage of people on the path of the fire as the Olympic torch bearer in Sochi, Russia, and we also have the population of 90% less than an hour's journey away from some points on the path.

The fire of this year's song festival travels on bicycles from Tartu through Narva and Tallinn in Central Estonia. There are several cool ideas for this, but you could take it from the Russians 2 lessons:

1. Fire must have its own story

Several new songs will be performed at the Song Party, at least one of which has been made specifically for the Song Party. For example, "The tree is as tall as the trees", "On a calm night", "Earth and Weather", etc. The coming of the fire needs a separate story. The story will be presented on June 15 in Tartu, when the journey starts, and will be available for free to all interested parties on the same day.

2. Reflecting on the journey

Each day of the fire's journey should be covered in a YouTube video. Next day at the latest. If there is music, editing a video summarizing the day is much easier.

Song party on YouTube

In the cross-media master's thesis project of the Baltic Film and Media School, I am responsible for the Song and Dance Party not only getting a follow-up opportunity on YouTube this year, but also for the first time Covered live on YouTube. Although the fire bringing project is separate from the organization of the Song Festival, the plan is to participate in it together with BFM students. So - the point of this story is to push yourself a little so that the project will come true. 

However, the production of the song remains the task of the musicians, until then I enjoy it Russian story, the words of which I still don't understand, but I'm humming along;) 

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