Roles in the video world. Is a journalist suitable as a cameraman?

Estonian internet guru Peep Laja wrote in 2009 that the secret of success is 10,000 hours (or about 5 years) of work. At the same time, he has suggested that if you want to know 10 times more than others about a topic, it is enough to start by reading 10 books.

20 tundiJosh Kaufman said in his TED Talk that 20 intensive hours of work are enough to learn a certain field and gave an example of his guitar studies.

Roles in the video world

There are broadly 4 important roles in the world of video production: 

1) Operator / lighting / sound man – a character who knows how to handle the camera, from which angle you can get good shots, how the light and sound should be, etc.

2) Producer / Director / Director / Director – a character who knows what the end result and the story should be, if necessary commands the people (actors) in the frame, prepares the shooting location and equipment, etc.

3) Montage / editor – the one who cuts the final solution from the collected material. Also adds suitable background sound or music etc.

4) Marketing / Cross Media / Sales - usually the one who initially sells the project and deals with its subsequent distribution and marketing and plans new techniques and themes.

In my view, the video team minimum of 2 people, the role of one of whom is to record the video, monitor all the necessary technical aspects (roles 1 and 3) and later prepare it for editing, and the other who knows what needs to be filmed, what the story of the video is and also knows something about sales, marketing, PR is and communicates with the client (roles 2 and 4).

Ühe mehe bändOne-man bands, where one man is the host, DJ, soloist and responsible caterer, also appear in other fields in Estonia, but I don't believe there is a single programmer who knows the application of an ID card management solution for a website equally well, as well as online marketing and knows how to do it at the same time. also communicate with the client and sell projects.

However, 2 people are the minimum number in the video team - on larger shoots, there are dozens of people in the roles of operator - lighting - sound man - makeup - runner, etc., but if you want to become a video maker, first choose whether you want:

  1. film, edit and do other technical work or
  2. manage techniques, market, sell and, if necessary, also write articles.

If you want to become an expert in both fields, consider 20,000 hours, or 10 years. Be sure to read 10 steps to become a successful and rich video producer that is, in fact, the marketer should have at least a basic level of video production, and the operator should know the basics of marketing.

BFMBaltic Film and Media School you also have to choose whether you study audiovisual media and cinematography or are more of a director, producer or cross-media marketer. Inside information says that it will be connected in the near future TU Communication Institute With BFM, or even more, journalism and video editing become one soup.

However, you don't have to go to school to improve yourself - many video producers have acquired their skills online, for example The guys at Pico Productions, who won the title of "Video Marketer of the Year 2013"..

Journalist - cameraman?

Estonian online journalism is moving more and more in the direction of video news transmission, but this is often "forced", which can be seen in the example of Postimees Online, where a journalist who writes good stories has also made a video of the news with a hand-held camera and has With YouTube video editor cut together.


A journalist as an operator is just as good as a salesman as a C++ programmer – these are completely different fields. The same cannot be said about image and moving image producers, i.e. photographers and videographers. The time will soon come when Estonian media's photo editorials are combined into photo and video editorials and photographers are required to have basic video production skills.

Veiko TõkmanA good example is Veiko Tõkman, a former schoolmate, who started as a photo editor at Äripää in 2006, but soon learned video editing and has created several video news stories for Äripää.

It is today Veiko became the creative director of Äripäiv and recently he also made a spring commercial for Password:



You can learn the basics of video production in less than 20 hours. Download a mid-range video editing program for free, watch some tutorials on YouTube and test even on the latest travel clips. At the same time, it can take more than 10,000 working hours to become an expert in the field, where several things will definitely *****.

In the media, where the journalist is not a layout designer or a portal programmer, making video stories should be the role of photo and video editors. As an online video producer, it is possible to get a job relatively quickly, for example DELFI is looking for a video editor.

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