Half the video work to create a thumbnail and title?

Derek Muller, author of YouTube channel Veritasium, explains in his video “Clickbait is Unreasonably Effective” how unreasonably effective clickbait (in Estonian clickbait) and how much he has started spending time and money to add a more thoughtful image and title to future and past YouTube videos.

If you don't have time to watch this 20-minute clip, set the presentation speed faster in the YouTube settings and watch anyway. Then open your or any Estonian-language YouTube channel and click on the VIDEOS link. See if you can think of a better title or image for a video?

There are already many creators in Estonia who use the YouTube option to upload their own image to the video, and some may take more time to add a better title. However, how many are there who use A/B testing, familiar from internet marketing, to change the images and titles of their existing clips from time to time and analyze the results?

If you haven't done it before, give it a try. Maybe one of your earlier videos will "come back to life". 

Half of the whole process?

Video production is generally expensive and time-consuming. Derek suggests that creating a good thumbnail and title for the video and analyzing the views is at least for the same amount of work.

Definitely adding a description and keywords, for example, in the case of this video, the word used in the title could have been used clickbait also be used in the description of the video and in the keywords, which were only three - veritasium, science and physics.

The advertisement must not mislead the viewer, for example in Estonian clickbait mainly refers to misleading advertising, but both the image and the title can always be more informative and inviting. Unfortunately, there is no better formula for this than experimentation.