Van Damme splits, in space

User Generated Content (UGC) is an important part of video marketing – if a video is created for a brand that is so cool that people who are interested start creating their own content on this topic, then in the end it is useful even if Volvo ads are not reflected in it.

The Volvo ad with Van Damme is over by now 70 million viewing:


There have been several versions of this with Chuck Norris, Yanukovych, Putin and others. Some guy has even created one mixtape, which sums them all up:


In one of the latest versions, one user puts Van Damme in space in the style of the "Gravity" movie with relatively good computer animation:


What to learn from it:

1) If someone does something good, a good parody can get attention to your topic or project relatively cheaply.

2) The faster you react, the greater the attention. Those who reacted immediately to Van Damme's clip got significantly more views than those who uploaded the video a few months later.

Speed matters. Although off-topic, suggest whether President Monday's (best of life) anniversary speech YouTube has reached today and got Russian subtitles, so that Ida-Virumaa can also understand the speech better, or is the situation still ... the same? 

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