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I went today Talking on Terevision what artificial intelligence is going to change in the world of music. They were also broadcast by the national broadcaster familiar from the previous story "Euro story of drug addicts" and "Frog story".

How could this video story be made into a text-based summary using artificial intelligence? If the subtitles are added, it's very simple - I copied the text of the subtitles and let Chat GPT summarize the entire conversation. The result was the following… 

Reigo Kimmel, an artificial intelligence enthusiast, opens the doors to the exciting world of artificial intelligence, where the number of new tools reaches over a thousand every month. Reigo, who likes to experiment with different AI tools, talked about what artificial intelligence is doing in the music field, where he gave an example of one of his projects in which he used the Suno AI platform to create music.

He chose the words of the song, determined the musical style, and in a matter of seconds the song was ready. The technology makes it possible to create multiple versions of a single song, all of which are available to the user for free.

In addition to the musical potential of artificial intelligence, its legal aspect is also fascinating. Does music created by artificial intelligence automatically belong to the intellectual property of its creator, or should we also consider the authors of the material used by the algorithms? This issue is already being addressed by major music companies such as Sony Music Group to understand how AI-generated music may affect copyright.

The question of whether in the future all music producers and singers could go out of business as artificial intelligence takes over is still open. Although the technology is advancing rapidly, Reigo stated that AI performing as Taylor Swift on stage is not likely. Nevertheless, the availability and use of artificial intelligence can simplify the processes of music creation, while also presenting new challenges and questions for both creators and consumers.

Now, if you are interested in creating a piece of music yourself, first copy the lyrics of a song, go for it Suno.ai, log in, press Create – Custom mode, enter words and select Style of Music. (NB: by clicking Use Random Style Suno offers its own options).

You can create the first music track of your life for free and in less than one minute. Try it.

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