In Finland's most popular YouTube channel, things are crushed

HPCToday, one year ago (6.10.2015), Finn Lauri Vuohensilta opened a YouTube channel Hydraulic Press Channel, in which he uses a hydraulic press to crush everything from golf and bowling balls to phones and expensive diamonds.

In a year, the channel has collected almost 1.5 million subscribers and got over 150,000,000 video views.

The channel quickly became popular when, in the sixth video uploaded to it, Lauri breaks the myth that paper can be broken in half more than 7 times, and after reaching the front page of Reddit discussions, it began to collect more than 2 million views per day:


Vuohensilta from Tampere, who films the breaking of things in his shop Konepaja Vuohensilta, himself assesses the following as the main reasons for the channel's popularity:

  • people like to make things, but they also like to break them, and breaking is much more fun than building something from a young age.
  • his extremely strong Finnish accent plays an important role, as, for example, Kyle Myers, who has FPSRussia YouTube channel in the videos, he plays the role of Dimitri Potapoff, where he talks about various weapons and explosives while speaking with a very strong Russian accent, has also accumulated over 6.1 million channel subscribers and nearly 750 million views.
  • breaking things with a hydraulic press has also received attention from several well-known organizations, probably the most famous of which is the White House. Namely, he received a request from President Obama's office to use the press to break the box of cable television, thereby drawing attention to competition in the cable television market.

Breaking the box was perhaps not as exciting as the accompanying case that the remote control had accidentally fallen into liquid nitrogen during the experiment:


Somewhat more popular, i.e. a few million more views, was the video where a Finn smashes the unbreakable Finnish technical wonder, the Nokia phone:


To the joy or sorrow of video enthusiasts, the channel also has a video in which several different action cameras run out under a hydraulic press, from which the GoPro camera that made the live stream managed to escape on the first attempt:


In addition to good Finnish humor and various interesting incidents of smashing things with a press, the videos end with the crushing of clay figurines molded by Lauri's wife Anni.

Regarding the importance of humor, Lauri himself says that "It would be stupid to laugh alone, it's better to react to each other."


In other words, the fact that a relatively random type of Finnish old-school hardware store has become world-famous in a year with the help of YouTube videos gives motivation to some Estonians to produce video clips of their work and activities.

At the same time, you have to be prepared that one day there will be a call from the White House or that you will be sent by a jewelry store 1.2 carat ring diamond, which would need to be crushed for rekam purposes. That's how making videos can easily become a main job.

* as a marginal note to the title, it should be noted that technically the most popular YouTube channels in Finland are still the local Jackäss, or The Dudesons Channel and the popular Angry Birds in second place to this day, but during the last year, HPC, which is in third place, has received more channel subscribers than video views!

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