The best TV commercials fit into social media - Kalev CF example

Advertising agency Division made Estonia the leading sweet producer Kalev Chocolate Factory TV commercial clip "The sweetest moment of the year", which has also received international attention and recognition:


The clip has been noticed by others, and also pages, being the only advertisement from Estonia in the latter, i.e. thus opening our account in the "inspiration room".

Active in social media

Kalev Chocolate Factory is active on social media, with an average of 2-4 posts per week on its Facebook fan page, where "The sweetest moment of the year" and other video clips are also shared:

Sweet lovers seem to continue, because today Kalevi's Sweet World has nearly 12,500 fans, and the comments and questions are mostly positive.

TV advertising on social media

TV advertising is one of the most expensive marketing channels, because in addition to advertising seconds, it costs a lot to produce it. Therefore, it is important to squeeze the maximum out of it on social media as well.

Since one of the goals of this blog is to describe with the help of examples what could be done better, the following are some recommendations for Kalev CF:

1) Organizing videos

Kalev's (television) commercials can be found KalevChristmas (7 pcs.), ArabellaArro (product manager(?), 6 pcs) and KaleviMagusaMailm (8 pcs) from accounts.

In addition, of course, production companies (CaviarProductions YT and Vimeo) and from the accounts of advertising agencies (Outline LeoBurnett) and also Division recently found its way into the YouTube world (TheDivisionEstonia, currently 2 KCF clips).

All Kalev CF TV commercials and more videos could be collected in one YouTube account. It is recommended With a Facebook fan page with the same name /KaleviMagusaMailm, where it could be done separately playlists "Christmas", "Make the day exciting", "Honeycomb", etc.

Uploaded videos should be (Full) in HD format – currently on TheDivision account commercial clip is Full HD or 1080p, but KalevChristmas channel in HD or 720p format. The file received from the agency should always be of the maximum size.

2) Linking and attention

Strangely enough, the commercial clip on Kalev's Facebook fan page is also linked from the one on TheDivision's channel (?), although the same clip on KalevJoulud's channel? In addition, it could be requested that if the agency submits its works to the domestic Golden Egg or to a more international "egg", a link would be provided a video that is on the customer's channel, because with it, the SEO of the video, i.e. its importance in the eyes of search engines, increases significantly.

In addition, you will not find links to Kalev's social media channels from the website.

3) YouTube branding and SEO

None of the official or unofficial Kalev YouTube channels currently have background image, title or links Facebook or page. In addition, many videos are missing descriptions and links.

Subscribers of TV advertising should generally have nothing against the fact that agencies and production companies also share advertisements on their own accounts, but more informed subscribers could ask that instead of the laconic: "Client: Kalev Chocolate Factory" in the video description, there should also be a link to their homepage or fan page. Preferably within the first 65 characters of the description.


It is good to note that Estonian (tele)advertisements also find international attention and coverage, while with the help of simple and free online video marketing techniques, you can "squeeze" much more out of an expensive advertising clip. For example, you can start with “From the Video Marketing Handbook“.

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