What started the many hours of videos of the burning fireplace?

Yule LogIn 1966, a 7-second video clip of a burning wooden note was filmed at the mayor's mansion in New York (Yule Log), which damaged an antique rug near the fireplace worth $4,000 and the same amount to TV station WPIX, which aired the video commercial-free for 2 hours on Christmas morning.

Fred M. Thrower, the head of the WPIX television station, who was the author of the idea, wanted to give a Christmas present to all the residents of New York who do not have a fireplace in their household and to the employees of the television station, who otherwise made the morning program at the same time.

With a certain gap (1990-2001), the program is still on the air today, and WPIX was also one of the first to share videos of different versions of burning wooden notes on the Internet.

Today, YouTube is full of “burning fireplace” style videos, with versions of cats, walking dogs, Lego, bacon, and more.






If there is no fireplace, turn on the (TV) screen during the holidays!;)

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