Make a wish, Pärnu

Pärnu tourism marketing  "Make A Wish" campaign is received attention on social media the cooperation partner used in the video Nordic Aviation Group (NAG) because of the captain's English.


Nordic Aviation Group the activities are under heightened media attention, but it should be clarified that in this case it is not so much an official NAG promo as a local tourism development, the aim of which is to bring customers from Sweden to Pärnu's accommodation facilities in the winter.


NB: NAG is not to your YouTube channel still managed to load the videos. 

In addition to the attention-grabbing (3,300 views) captain's English philology video, the opening story of the campaign (only 74 views) includes the wish of 5-year-old Sebastian:


Pratar Du Svenska?

I don't know how the technical solution of the campaign was devised, but apparently, when you get on the Stockholm - Tallinn NAG plane, you have to wish, in addition to everything else, that maybe you will become a Lucky Seat winner, which is probably exactly what the entrepreneur who booked an overnight stay in Tallinn is exactly what he expected from the weekend. Apparently, however, the prize can be taken out some time later, and the "Lucky Seat" will rather be given to persons who meet the right external criteria.

I believe that the external criteria mainly mean Swedes who visit Estonia as tourists. This is also shown by the fact that the campaign page is in English and Swedish, but similarly to the EAS #EPICESTONIA clips, these clips are also made in Swedish or with Swedish subtitles.

Rootsi keel

On the Swedish-language "Make a Wish" page could be clips in swedish. Or at least subtitles.

If one video is used in the campaign, it would be worthwhile to add the subtitles as a separate file via YouTube, because then a viewer from Sweden could automatically see them in Swedish, an Estonian viewer in Estonian, and members of the African Union in Swahili.

I Wish I Could Click!

make a wish

I hope I can click. If the video ends with an invitation, it is not very difficult to add a clickable link to the video. If there is a link under the video "" without the http:// prefix, I can click on it with the mouse for half an hour, but I don't move on to the desired campaign page.

A little help would also be from the call, "Click here and read more" or the video used: "Continue the Story". Also, the accommodation facilities would not mind if, in addition to highlighting their names, there were also links to their home pages under the video.

I Believe in Magic LINK!

do you belive in magic

It is relatively difficult to click on a link if it is not there! Collected over 3300 views main video the description also lacks a link to the campaign page without the http:// prefix. Instead, a bunch of #hashtags have been thrown around.

In the first 3-4 lines of the video description, an invitation and a link from YouTube are used!

Continue the Story to Fucking Where?

Continue the Story

I'm on a website. I'm watching a video. At the end of the video, there is an invitation to go to the same website where I already ******. Now what?

A solution that does not require special sharpness:

  1. The video, which is meant to be shared on social media, ends with an invitation to proceed to the website.
  2. A web page with the same content but a different ending embedded the video ends with a code that doesn't even show related videos after the end.

related video

Mine shows The Simpsons as one of its recommendations. But maybe you should click on it instead...

Give "Best Storytelling Award" goes to

The little boy is a dreamer and believes in magic. Do you believe in magic? I believe... and I go to the campaign page, where the first thing I see is that the price of accommodation in Pärnu starts from 36 euros per night. Could there be anything more magical?

Mida küll Sebastian ütlesIn his video, the flight captain, candidate of philology, reminds you that do you remember what Sebastian said? How can the average viewer remember Sebastian's story when only 74 out of 3,200 viewers have seen it?

Storytelling is little used in marketing campaigns, but it does not use the expressions a'la “our campaign is all about giving". The little boy got interested in magic, but in the second clip it is said that we have such a campaign instead…

Since it is a video marketing blog, you shouldn't actually look for other fish on the campaign page:

  • "special offers" in both English and Swedish lead to the home page of the accommodations, i.e. the Estonian page, although all of them have pages in other languages as well.
  • after which the customer will probably open the page and discover in some examples that "Make A Wish" 208 euros special offer it is possible to get cheaper elsewhere or that it is possible to get 4 nights with treatments for 199.- euro from the website of the accommodation.

In conclusion, I hope that no one will take the criticisms presented personally, because if philology and narration are excluded, the rest of the technical recommendations can be improved in a few hours.

Last Wish?

I Wish You Had More Time” Denzel Washington said in “Man on Fire” shortly before drug dealer Fuentes' dynamite stuck up his ass ended his wish.

I wish all marketers had more time. Time to spend a full 10-20 minutes instead of a few minutes to write a slightly more meaningful description for a video that took days to produce, and hours so that the editor could render a video with a different ending.

However, during Christmas, take some time to review your company's YouTube channel. I share for the holidays free referrals, which you could do better. To get the channel URL:

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