Legal and free music for YouTube video

YouTube fonoteekThe topic of copyright is very topical on YouTube. Essentially, every music track has an author, that is, if you approach it legally correctly, you must get the consent of the author who created the sound before uploading the video. According to popular stories, consent can cost even more than video production.

YouTube has also understood the matter and created it phone library, where the authors have given consent to the stories for free use. Additional conditions stipulate:

Your use of the phone library (including the music files in it) is subject to the following conditions YouTube Terms of Service. The music in this library is intended for use only in the videos and other content you create. You can use the music files from this library in videos that you monetize on YouTube.

By downloading music from this library, you agree that you will not:

  • You may not make available, distribute, or perform music files from this library separately from the videos and other content in which you include them (including use in content intended for distribution outside of YouTube).
  • use music files from this library in an illegal manner or in connection with illegal content.


Although the copyright free song is currently being uploaded the maximum punishment is showing ads on it, blocking audio or all video, and in case of 3 violations, also blocking the entire account, then with piracy you can even temporarily reach the TOP10 of YouTube Estonia. However, the latter should not be a goal in itself, because a cool video could still be available years from now.

YouTube ContentID has been running since 2011, which means that an automatic bot goes over all videos as soon as they are uploaded. If the latter does not immediately discover the infringement of rights, it is always possible that the authors of the story will file a claim years later.

In addition, if you produce a YouTube video for a client and it is later blocked for violating audio rights, you have to do double work and upload it with new audio.

YouTube Sound Library

YouTube from the audio library anyone can download an audio file according to genre, mood, musical instruments, etc., using which there is no need to worry that the video will violate someone's copyright.

Other legal ways

From an old one From the Mashable article and by googling you can find several other places where you can use the desired background music in your video for free or for a small fee, but the price list for using "Moves Like Jagger" or other well-known music in your video is not possible here, because it always depends on the content of the video , its business purposes and 101 other details.


Use only legal sound in your videos, because then you avoid that it will be blocked after some time or, in the worst case, you will lose your channel. YouTube sound library when using legal music, you don't have to worry too much about rights.

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