Basketball vs Soccer on Social Media. A year later.

korvpall-jalgpall-120x120A year ago I wrote a story on this blog "Basketball vs Football. Who will win on social media?", where a subjective comparison of the Facebook fan pages and YouTube videos of the Basketball Association and the Football Association and the championship clubs revealed that the score is 1:1.

How the situation will be a year later will be revealed at the end of this post, at the moment I don't even know ;).

The use of social media is of great importance for all sports, because with effective marketing it is possible not only to get attention and participants in your field, but also to attract the attention of sponsors.


Sub-associations are very active on social media, there are Facebook fans 14,141 at EKL (annual growth +2307), EJL 9056 (+3522) i.e. in the comparison of sub-unions there is The Football Association did a somewhat better job during the year, while the total number of fans is clearly lower than the Basketball Association (a difference of more than 5,000 fans).



Champions League clubs / Football

The number of fans as of November 2012 is shown in parentheses. 

  1. Nõmme JK Kalju – 12,664 (9249) or +3415
  2. FC Infonet – 4046 (new club 2013)
  3. Tallinn FC Flora – 3433 (2320) or +1113
  4. JK Tallinna Kalev – 2594 (1866) or +728
  5. Tallinn FC Levadia – 2162 (1553) or +609
  6. Tartu JK Tammeka – 1618 (1027) or +591
  7. FC Kuressaare – 1343 (871) or +472
  8. Paide City Team – 950 (665) or +285
  9. JK Narva Trans – 903 (839) or +64
  10. JK Sillamäe Kalev – 151 (84) or +67

The clubs of the Football Championship therefore have a total 29,864 fans perhaps together with the sub-union, the fans are together: 38 920

Championship clubs / Basketball

  1. BC Rakvere Tarva 4238 (3711) or +527
  2. BC Kalev Cramo 3292 (2203) or +1089
  3. UT/Rock 2534 (1459) or +1075
  4. Rapla KK 1497 (1265) or +232
  5. KK Pärnu 1267 (685) or +582
  6. KK Hito 870 (344) or +536
  7. TTU KK 692 (238) or +454
  8. Tallinn Kalev 242 (135) or +107
  9. Valga KK (personal account - not a FB fan page)

The clubs of the basketball championship league therefore have a total 14,632 fans (annual increase +4602). Together with the sub-association, basketball fans are: 28 773

If a year ago the score was 22,066 fans vs. 24,221 fans in favor of football, a year later football still leads and has also increased its lead - 28,773 vs. 38,920 fans. Football championship clubs have also got more than 3,000 more fans than basketball clubs.



A year ago, the Football Association had almost half a million views of videos on YouTube (497,239), the Basketball Association had 317,510, and basketball also has fewer YouTube fans, i.e. channel subscribers, 206 against football's 438, respectively.

at EKL has video views on the YouTube channel to date 384 107, EJL 693 135, subscribers EKL 290 and EJL 557 respectively.



Champions League clubs / Football

  1. Tartu JK Tammeka – 130,807 (93,681) views / 91 (52) subscribers
  2. Narva JK Trans – 76,707 (42,376) views / 245 (27) subscribers
  3. FC Kuressaare – 64,607 (27,299) views / 45 (16) subscribers
  4. Paide City Team – 46,721 (19,582) views / 39 (15) subscribers
  5. Nõmme JK Kalju – 43,223 (23,534) views / 99 (48) subscribers
  6. JK Tallinna Kalev – 27,946 (27,152) views / 3 (4) subscribers
  7. Tallinn FC Levadia – 11,460 (9,922) views / 40 (26) subscribers
  8. Tallinn FC Flora – 11,348 (10,776) views / 18 (10) subscribers
  9. JK Sillamäe Kalev – 9,292 (8,339) views / 3 (1) subscribers
  10. FC Infonet – 361 views / 6 subscribers

Championship clubs / Basketball

  1. BC Kalev/Cramo  – 3,033,103 (2,742,600) views / 346 (197) subscribers
  2. KK HITO – 85,459 (0) views / 50 subscribers
  3. UT Rock – 61,012 (43,100) views / 82 (46) subscribers
  4. KK Pärnu – 74,206 (20,600) views / 65 (18) subscribers
  5. Rapla KK – 1,368 (1,190) views / ??? subscriber
  6. TTU KK – 1270 (533) views / 6 (1) subscribers

Rakvere Tarva, the most popular club in the Alexela basketball championship in Facebook usage (according to unconfirmed data), does not have its own YouTube channel, as does Valga/Maks&Mooritsa and Tallinna Kalevi.

Basketball still leads in YouTube video viewing numbers 3 256 418 viewing vs 422 472, and even if subtracted Skele's throw views (2.7 million) behind basketball videos, remains for basketball clubs 490 098 viewing, perhaps somewhat more than football.

At the same time, adding the viewer numbers of the sub-associations for the clubs, there are total basketball viewings 875 015, on football 1 115 607.

As a basketball fan, even a year later, I would like to add Škele to the winning basket and count basketball as the winner of the YouTube battle, but considering the situation that the account of the basketball sub-association is inferior to football and several clubs lack accounts, I consider this competition a friendly draw.


The need for video

The more important a championship game is, the more likely it is to be broadcast on TV or online, or at least recorded. The necessity of video is understood by every coach who wants to watch the opponent's last games on video (together with the team) before the next match.

Unfortunately, not every coach or club manager understands that the fans also want to see the game afterwards and that as easily as possible. The videos of the games cannot be easily found or shared with others on the subpage of the homepage or in the DELFI video archive. If the files and permissions are there, there's no reason why a sub-union can't be in addition to other environments share full-length videos of the games on your YouTube channel as well.

Sharing videos in an environment where they can also be freely downloaded gives fans the opportunity to compile their TOP10 shot, mistake or goal. In this case, slightly sharper pencils can make a summary of their best performances at the end of the season by themselves or with the help of their younger brother studying in elementary school, which also makes it easier for the agent to sell the player to foreign clubs.


socialbakers-logoYou don't have to wait a year for the next statistical analysis - In the SocialBakers environment it is possible to see the statistical summary of YouTube channels of various Estonian sports and clubs almost in real time.

Anyone can add their sports club's YouTube account to it in less than a minute.


The total number of fans is not the result. Similarly, the number of views of YouTube videos is not (what is more important is what the videos are watch time and engagement), but the comparison between basketball and football is always pleasantly intriguing, because it doesn't leave those who are interested in sports far away cold either.

A year later, the battle of social media must be declared with a score of 2:1, football was the winner, but the exciting basketball season has only just begun. For example, the basketball club HITO, which created its account last year, has won over in a year 85 thousand views.

As a sub-union, it does the basketball association does a little better job on social media than the football association, because FB fan number and engagement that is, reaching more people is therefore greater, but football championship clubs are outperforming long-established basketball clubs on social media - more fans, more videos, more engagement, etc.

Basketball clubs must understand that fans are also those who do not make it to the hall every time (or before the playoffs), which is why significantly more information and (video) content should be shared with them, because the more fans, the more attention and the audience will be involved.

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