It all starts with setting goals

For many, online video marketing is just about producing video and sharing it in video environments. In fact, the video should be spent on filming, editing and sharing together less time than writing video marketing goals, plan and script.


Ideally, it will take:
– 50% of time for making the video plan and manuscript,
– 20% for filming,
– 20% for editing,
– 10% for distribution.

In other words, if filming took 3 hours, the entire production takes time (+ 7h script + 3h editing + 1h sharing) = 14 hours. Unfortunately, if less effort is put into writing the video plan and script, the video filming and subsequent montage work takes many times longer. In other words, every hour that is left undone during planning adds about 1-2 hours to filming and 3-4 hours to editing.

Therefore, if you spend 2 hours planning the video of the previous example, then the entire production would take two days instead of about 14 hours. The example is a bit generalized, but it gives an idea why the time spent on video planning is very necessary.

Video Marketing Strategy

"Strategy" is one of the most common foreign words also in the marketing world, but in the local language you should come up with:

1. How many videos and how often/regularly you make or subscribe (only one video on the front page of the website or one new clip every month)
2. What is the purpose of making videos (read more below)
3. What category could your video belong to (read more below)


Before producing videos, it is first necessary to set the goal that you want to achieve with the video. The goal cannot be to produce a video, but with it, for example:

– to increase the recognition of your brand,
– raise awareness / share information (for example, how the product works),
– conversion, i.e. making money (“click here and buy this product” style).
– increase your level of expertise and fame.


Internet videos can be divided into several categories. Think about which category would be the most suitable for your business...


Videos spiced with humor are one of the most common on the Internet, because the joke is universal and gives a positive charge to both the viewer and the creator of the video. Making a good joke in videos also significantly increases the possibility of sharing the video - you will definitely be more willing to share some clips with some moments of humor with your friends. Even the world's best-known commercials have used jokes, for example bearded and in the trailer Wayne Rooney in a Nike ad or Star Trek's Master Yoga in a TomTom GPS ad.


By sharing information about the products in your field with your customers with the help of video, you both educate the viewers and raise your expert level in their eyes. For example Photopoint shares information about products and their use via video.

There are many ways to present your products, one of the most well-known is, for example Blendtec's “Will it Blend?” a campaign that has received a total of over 150 million views and increased the company's sales turnover to over 700%.


Video testimonials from your customers are probably one of the most effective ways to increase the trust and sales of your business. Make sure to use real people to make such videos and don't hire actors.


A typical TV ad won't get views on the internet - try forcing yourself to watch a Polish washing powder or toothpaste video on the internet.

At the same time, more and more cool TV commercials have also been uploaded to video environments and thus gained significant (free) attention. The opposite can already be observed - new advertising clips are being tested on YouTube, which, if successful, will also be shown on TV. For example, super successful Old Spice campaign, which already has a total of over 186 million views.

Now that the internet is moving more and more to the TV screen, one would expect that Polish washing powder advertising agencies would also start creating content. But some things in life don't change...


For artists, video environments are an ideal opportunity to show "what is performance". Several artists have just become known through Youtube, and other artists have raised their fame with their music (videos).

Probably the future of the music industry belongs to the talented people who share their works for free and earn income from concerts. The days of old-school production and earning from CD/DVD sales will soon be over. This could also be understood by the National Broadcasting Company when distributing video summaries of the Dance and Song Party, and perhaps also by the Councils of the United Estonia and other "noble purpose" projects.

In addition to artists, it is also desirable for other talents who can present their talent via video, from Treiman village bands and trick basketball players to ice sculptors and sand artists.


Internet video environments are the future of documentaries, recently premiered the "Life in a Day" project assembled from approx. 80,000 amateur documentaries, which talked about one day in the world through the eyes of different people.

Almost every video is a documentary in a sense, because it shows what has happened at some point. In the future, it will be much easier to learn history.

Documentaries are also live reports of events - Youtube is one of the main channels where you can keep an eye on what is happening in Egypt at the moment.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive - it is possible to plan your video marketing activities in shock, interview or many other and combined categories. However, it would be good to stick to one style. For example Trick Playground the channel has a total of 13 videos, the first 12 introduce the Playground, the last one is about how to go diving with a diving suit(?)


In video marketing, everything starts with setting goals and writing plans and scripts. The time spent on this will definitely pay off both in terms of reducing the time spent on video production and editing, as well as increasing the likelihood that viewers will become customers and share your videos with others.

If you have managed to read the longest post on this blog so far and would like some help in the planning phase of your video marketing activities, then be in touch.

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