Sitting kills, make appointments and meetings while walking outside!

This spring it got quite a lot of attention (more than 17 thousand views on Vimeo, mainly thanks to to Delphi and sharing on Facebook) 1-minute lecture by TU Associate Professor Kristjan Port on the harmfulness of sitting.


Around the same time offered At the TED 2013 conference Nilofer Merchant, who did not approach the problem so scientifically, the solution - do your meetings (outside) while walking. Mashable picked this thought yesterday Among the 15 best TED Talks, which can change your life.


For an office person who spends most of the working day in front of a screen, meetings are the only way to be away from the screen, and in a country with 9 months of s**** ski weather, it is worth holding some meetings outdoors and in motion, at least during the summer.

Slightly off-topic post, but the inspiration came from the video. I hope you find time to watch both videos and get up from behind the screen at least for a while.

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