Flashmob: original event or video marketing?

Watching the viral flammob clips circulating on the Internet as a curious person, one may wonder if they are completely staged or if the spectators and random passers-by actually had the kind of experience the video is trying to show.

For example, is the Banco Sabadell clip below made (as it appears from the video) in one piece, i.e. as one shot, where hundreds of passers-by stopped in surprise during the 5-minute song and formed a large applauding audience at the end of the song, who did not know anything about the event before.


Although it could be so, the close-ups from behind the double bass, several different perspectives, emotions and organization leave a different impression, but in fact it doesn't matter whether the audience was familiar with the orchestra players or invited - video more than 9 and a half million viewing is next to the 200,000 people of the city of Sabadell (even the total Fewer people live in Catalonia) significantly more important.

Genuine reactions

Of course, the immediate reactions of ordinary people to what is happening is something that even the best actors cannot portray. Therefore, it does not always make sense to take a flashmob as a complete production. Especially since the surprise of the participants is one of the bases of virality.

It is all the more worthwhile to think about how the excited participants will know when and where they can see the event when filming the herbal ceremony.


One of the world's most famous makers in the field of flash mobs is T-Mobile, which owns Life's for Sharing the account has been loaded by flash mobs from train and airport stations and Trafalgar Square.


Only 13,500 singers… (actually dancers who found out on the spot that it was going to be singing instead). I wonder what could be done 2014 with a general song party or planned in Estonia in 2015 with Worldchoir Celebration?

Pre-promo and participant engagement

A flashmob often means involving a large number of people. Already in the planning phase, you should think about how to use the participants in the introduction of the viral spread of the video, because if a person has caught the video tape, then he is very interested to see what has become of it.

A large number of participants means a large number of contacts. This also applies to the production of commercials and other videos. For example, if EMT had collected the e-mails of the participants in its MINA commercial clip in order to send them the finished clip later, there would definitely be more views than these 200.



Although the viewer is presented with flashmob video content in a lifelike compote, that's exactly what happened, doesn't really matter whether the event actually took place in the same way or was completely staged.

As an organizer, it is better to think about staging, because through online video it is possible to reach many times more people than those present on site.

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