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One of the most popular posts in video marketing is free from the Magisto video editing environment, which understands the content of the uploaded clips and automatically compiles a cool short video. A month later, however, something even more exciting has been launched in the online video world.

What if you could edit your own clips uploaded to the Internet as you wish, add effects and background music (including read-out text) to them, and even more - you could give the editing to someone who is at the other end of the world with a computer (or iPad) that doesn't even have video editing program? And the rendering of video in HD format would take place there faster than in any supercomputer at home?

There is nothing new in video cloud technology per se, for example Youtube Video Editor made it possible to put together a new video from his previous clips more than a year ago, but a month ago in Silicon Valley at the DEMO 2011 conference awarded WeVideo revolutionary technology brings video editing and sharing to the masses.

You can get a better picture of the previous text in the following video:


Advantages of WeVideo

1) There is no need for an editing program

Although WeVideo's editing environment is inferior to paid video programs such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and others, it already has clear advantages over free Movie Maker or iMovie. All you need to edit a video is an internet connection and a browser.

2) Speed

Working with already uploaded files is fast, because files are used for editing low-resolution versions, and only when the final HD version is rendered, the original files are used.

3) Delegation of editing

The fact that video making is made easy does not mean that the owner of the video material should do the editing himself - it can be freely delegated to a person who has dealt with the matter before. Other people can also be involved in the project, who (at the same time from different parts of the world) can add their video clips to the same project and monitor the process.

4) Sharing

There's no point in making a video if no one watches it. Video sharing (uploading to different video environments: YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) is just one click away. Moreover, if the files have already been uploaded, it is also a relatively fast process in terms of time.

Cons of WeVideo

1) Limited features of the free version

Of course, the goal of every internet business is to make money, which is why the free version of WeVideo, created to grab the masses, has limitations on the video it releases, both in terms of quality, the total volume of uploaded clips, when exporting etc. Specifically, there are 4 different packages:

Free of charge / $0 per month / 1GB / 360p resolution / 15 export minutes per month / up to 5 project participants
Plus / $6.99 per month / 10GB / 480p resolution / 60 export minutes per month / up to 15 project participants
Ultrasound / $39.99 per month / 50GB / 720p HD resolution / unlimited export / up to 50 project participants
Commercial / $79.99 per month / 50GB / 720p HD resolution / unlimited export / commercial license
Paid versions therefore still seem expensive at the moment, for example The price of Adobe Premiere Elements is USD 99 or about 2.5 months Ultrasound program

When testing with low-quality files, the option to pay per file was also given when saving:

2) Bugs

WeVideo is currently still available beta- version maybe bugs are common. Even in the quick test, one clip in the downloaded video was left without sound.


The world is going to the cloud, i.e. more and more of our data (documents, pictures, etc. files) will be on different servers instead of at home or on a laptop (that is, accessible from any computer with an Internet connection).

At the same time, video is becoming increasingly high-quality (e.g mobiles make FullHD quality), simpler (WeVideo's original project is used by 250,000 children in Norway, it has been simplified even more to reach the masses) and more accessible (there is no need for a video editing program), which is why cloud-based video editing definitely has a great future.

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